What I have been reading - 29th April 2019

The 3 Levels of Wealth:  There is some really interesting data in this article and I love the 3 levels as a definition of wealth.

The Problem With Most Financial Advice:  This is such a good article, and this angle of personal finance is not talked about enough.  "In all seriousness, you can talk about cutting expenses all you want, but it'sincome that builds wealth."  The good news is that we have far more control over our income than most people think.  The key though is to make more money without spending more money.  That's the bit that tends to trip people up.

You Played Yourself:  If I was to do it all again, I would study psychology.  If you have kids who want to get into finance, tell them to study psychology.  This is why.

Why this CEO pays employees up to $750 to unplug on vacation:  "Many employees think their company doesn't want them to take their full vacation, worry their dedication will be questioned if they do, and believe they'll have to stay fully accessible while they're off."  I don't know how we have got to this point, but I am convinced we have to change this culture in the corporate world.  This CEO is onto something, I am sure of it...

The Trick to Keeping Friends as We Get Older:  Loneliness kills and there is a sad chart in this article.  It's well worth reading for those in or approaching retirement. 

The Difference Between Professionals and Amateurs:  This article really resonated with me, particularly in regards to writing.  Since last summer I have written a blog post every single week.  It has taken a lot of discipline, but I feel myself becoming a better writer.



By mollycoddling our children, we're fuelling mental illness in teenagers:  This article came at an opportune time for me.  Our boys have started taking our kayak out on our canal - the other day they went so far that I couldn't see them.  I worried.  Now after reading this, I think I will let them go further.