There is enough complexity in the world. We don’t believe that how we get paid should add to that.



Our fees are simple, and we only get paid by our clients.  We don’t sell products and we don't receive commissions or kick-backs from any investment providers.  We ensure that the way we are paid means that we represent no one but our clients and that we are always striving to achieve the best outcome for them.

We believe that it is important for consumers to understand and question how their advisor gets paid because it can affect the types of recommendations that are made.



We charge an initial fee for developing and implementing a financial plan, which generally takes place over the first 3-6 months of the relationship.

The fee reflects the complexity involved in each individual plan, and starts at US$3000.


Starting at


A financial plan is not just created once. Financial planning is an on-going process, and a financial plan is a living, breathing document that changes over time. We charge 1% of assets under management per annum with a minimum annual fee of US$3500.


of assets under management per annum
minimum annual fee US$3500