• Wealth builders +

    • Are you rapidly moving up in the world? 

      Are you consumed with the demands of your job? 

      Are you actively accumulating cash and assets but not sure that you are making the right decisions? 

      Do you have a family and worry what would happen to them if you were hit by a bus tomorrow? 

      Do you wonder when you can retire? 

    • We know how busy life is for you, and we know that your finances always fall to the bottom of the list.  We also know how stressful it is to have that ‘nag nag nagging’ in the back of your head telling you ‘you must do something about this’.

    • What you need is Financial Life Management – something more than just financial planning.  You want a comprehensive approach to your entire financial life so that nothing is overlooked.  Together we tackle:

    • Investment Management

    • Financial organization

    • Retirement planning

    • Retirement withdrawal strategies

    • Cash flow analysis

    • Planning for major purchases      

    • Estate planning coordination

    • Education funding

    • Pension plan analysis

    • Risk Management - life insurance, property insurance and asset protection

    • For the first time, you will have a sense of clarity and balance.  You will feel an enormous sense of relief from getting organized and knowing that all the important issues have been addressed.  You will sleep well knowing you are on track.

  • Financially Independent +

    • You have reached the point where your assets support you instead of your job.  All the pressure is off, and a world of possibilities has opened up.  However, despite having more than enough, you still have questions and you still find yourself worrying.

    • We can help you. Our comprehensive retirement income planning will leave you feeling confident that you have enough to maintain your lifestyle and that you are spending safely in retirement.  
    • We will look at what is important to you and make sure that your assets are positioned optimally to maintain your purchasing power over a long retirement.  
    • We will work on a wealth transfer plan that reflects your values and the non-tangibles that you want to pass onto your heirs.
    • We will think hard about the impact that you wish to make and the legacy you wish to leave.   Most of all, we will leave you free to go and enjoy the fruits of your labour – travelling the world, spending time with your children and grand-children, pursuing your passion – these things are more important than stressing about your money.

  • Women in transition  +

    • Are you going through a life-changing event?

      Have you found yourself feeling lost and paralysed by your experience?

      Have events in your life left you suddenly responsible for your wealth?

      Do you need help clearly understanding your options?


    • We guide women through loss, divorce, inheritance, retirement and career change.

    • Sometimes life abruptly, or by plan, stops working the way it once did. Sometimes the disruption or change is welcome but often it is unwelcome and we find ourselves in a situation where we have to put the pieces back together again.

    • We don’t have the answers, but we can help you see that when life breaks, there are huge possibilities and opportunities to put it back together in a way that serves you in the next phase or chapter of your life. We recognise how much time this takes. Unfortunately we have a culture that expedites change.  We give you time whilst making sure that the important issues are addressed.  If there is anything that risks resulting in some permanent worsening of your well-being, we will make sure it gets done.

    • Over time we help you build knowledge and we help you plan. We always simplify when we can.  With understanding and simplicity comes confidence in managing your wealth, and the peace of mind that you will be ok.

    • As decisions are made, we will always leave you room to back up and turn around because we know that when you are going through a major change, positive or negative, the ability to change your mind is key.  

    • We know that everything can feel overwhelming.  We are here to help create calm in the chaos. We are right there by your side on your journey.