What I have been reading - 26th June 2019

What Yogi Berra would have said about this bull market: A great article from Jason Zweig at the WSJ that looks at why investors should be careful about making changes based on 'where we are in the cycle'.

Live Rich, Die Poor: A wonderful account of Italy by an American. Whenever I am in Europe I think the same thing - they may have problems but they do so many things right.

People are more honest than they think they are: An Economist article looks at the science of honesty.

Compounding gone wild!: Another fantastic explanation of compounding and why you need it in your life.



Women working longer hours, sleeping less, as they juggle commitments: The Labor Department's Annual Time Use Survey shows things getting worse for working women. Apparently the average working woman spends about three and three-quarter hours a day relaxing or exercising, a decrease on earlier years. Working men on the other hand spend four hours and 40 minutes a day on leisure activities, an increase on previous years. My initial reaction to this was that three and three-quarter hours of relaxing or exercising sounds blissful, but the direction of change is concerning.




Georgina Loxton