What I have been reading -9th September 2019

Live life on your own terms: Dealing with people who "disapprove": I came across this article after writing mine for the week, but they are quite related. "Most people say they want it, but they don't want it with all they've got. They don't want it so badly that they'll do whatever it takes to go at it."

Women need to understand money: Yup, I've been banging this drum for a while! Over the past few weeks there has been a lot in the press about the gap between how much men invest in the stock market versus women. Here is an article in The Independent tackling the issue.

Why are so many fund managers men?: Related to the article above is one by Joe Wiggins that looks at how perception around what it means to be a talented fund manager has kept women out of the industry. "There are few things more dangerous in fund manager selection than a charismatic manager who has been lucky."

A Behavioural Prescription: If you have found yourself falling for the 'all in, or all out' mindset of investing, then you want to read this article.

You are probably overconfident. (If you skip this, doubly so): A fantastic article from my friend Carl Richards at the NY Times. If you are a skier or an investor then you need to read this.

The Financial Turing Test: The Financial Turing Test is this: imagine meeting someone new who claims to be a "financial expert". If you could only ask them one question to determine if they are legit, what would you ask? Nick Maggiulli comes to the conclusion that you should ask the supposed expert "How do you get rich without getting lucky?" It would force the individual to address many topics at once.



7 Steps to "Adult" Your Money: Here is an article I wrote for Lustic Life Media. I maintain that most people are lost when it comes to knowing what to do with their money because we are never taught. We are sent out into the world with all this education and knowledge and expected to figure out money along the way. So here I share a few simple steps you can take to feel more confident and in control of that part of your life.

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Georgina Loxton