Action cures fear

Do you have a block when it comes to money? Does there always seem to be a struggle and stress around money? As with much in life, our issues and anxieties around money are often due to fear. Perhaps a fear of never having enough, or a fear of losing control, or a fear that you might lose it all. If we are able to dig deeper we often find that the fear about money actually has nothing to do with money at all. Is your fear of not having enough actually a fear that you are not enough? A fear that you are valued by the amount of money that you earn or the balance in your bank account?

stress around money

Our thoughts generate our feelings and our feelings drive our actions. It is very common for fear to result in really destructive financial behaviours such as overspending or the hoarding of money. What we need is to start new habits and practices that will create a new loop, lead to new feelings and therefore new behaviours. Action cures fears.

So much of what separates the financially successful from the financially mediocre is habits and practices. Things like paying bills on time, checking bank balances daily, having an up-to-date spending plan, the wise investing of money. These practices can feel really uncomfortable at the start, like the pain in your muscles when you start a new exercise regime. But overtime they start to create a new reality. A reality where you start to develop a sense of ease about money and where you start to feel in control, competent and capable.