"Balance is a crock"

As all mothers know, finding balance in our lives is hard.  Sometimes I am not even sure quite what it means.  Something Jean Chatsky said last week really resonated with me.

She said "Balance is a crock.  There are some days I’m very good at work.  And there are others I’m very good at home.  But they very rarely sync up."

For me, this is so true.  Some days everything at work goes really well.  Other days I am frustrated and anxious.  Some days I have magical parenting moments, sometimes even hours.  Other days I yell at them and feel like a failure.  You can't be good at work AND good at home every day.

Is that balance?  I think so.

The key thing for me is that I never stop trying to get better, at work and at home.  As a financial planner, an investment advisor, as a mother and as a wife.

And from that I draw a great sense of pride.  My Mum has always said, 'you can only do your best'.  It's so true.

Happy Mother's day today to all the other hard-working, selfless Mum's out there.  And special thoughts to all those reading who don't have their Mum around anymore, and to all those who are on a hard journey to become a Mum.

My Mum is my inspiration to always be the best version of me.