Money Is Emotional

Money is emotional. It has taken me almost two years of sitting down with people talking about money to realise just how true this is. And it has taken until today to realise that whatever you are feeling about your money, has absolutely nothing to do with money. I listened to a podcast today in which Joan Sotkin pointed out that ‘money is neutral, it doesn’t ask you to feel anything.’ But we all have a series of money beliefs that dictate everything about our money life. And those money beliefs are due to emotions that were almost certainly created and learned in early childhood.

The problem is that these emotions, that for most of us are subconscious, can lead to truly dysfunctional money behaviour and sometimes unintended self-sabotage. If this all sounds a bit much, think about the following money beliefs or money statements that Hilary Hendershott has identified and I can bet that you resonate with one or more of these.

1) There is never enough money. 2) Money is complicated. 3) You have to work hard for your money. 4) Money is bad. 5) God will provide money for me if I am good. 6) There is always enough money. 7) Money gives me value/money makes me important. 8) Spend money while you have it/you only live once. 9) Making money is easy.

Now think about what is happening if you are operating every day, with a firm belief that one or more of these things are true. You live like it is true. If you have a belief that you have to work hard for money, you might actually find yourself walking away from easy money. If you have a belief that money gives you value, you will do all you can to portray the image that you have lots of money. This could actually be costing you financial security. If you believe that money is complicated you might well find that you always have family dramas about money. If you believe that there is never enough money you are likely to be a big spender and quickly spend any windfalls that come your way. If you believe that money is bad, or that rich people are bad, you will probably find yourself constantly pushing money away from you.

See how emotional it is? Think about it, people actually cease to exist because of money. In order to reach true financial independence, security and freedom, we have to understand what is causing us to act a certain way. Because it could be that a belief is blocking us from financial success.

So here is a challenge for you this week. Listen to every word you say about money, and focus on every thought you have about it. And see if you can identify with any of the money beliefs above. Next, reframe it in your mind. Realise that the statement is a belief and might not be the truth. And then ask yourself what could be possible for you, your money and your life, if the thing you believe is in fact not true at all.

Then at the end of the week, drop me a line and book a coffee. I want to hear if anything has changed for you. And I want to help you change your money life.