Explain it so it makes sense

I always try and explain financial planning and investing as simply as possible, because, well, it is simple. It's just that because we are human, we are emotional. And emotions make everything about money seem really difficult. And sadly most financial advisors love to overcomplicate everything because IT MAKES THEM SEEM SMART.

That's why I love this article - using analogies that we all understand is a great way to get people to start on the saving and investing journey.


Here are a few of my favourites:

Financial planning is like designing a bridge. You don't calculate exactly how much weight the bridge will be able to hold; you build it with so much room for error that there's almost no chance it will ever be overloaded.


Personal finance is like medical treatments. There is no "right" answer. Some people will rationally forgo treatment/investments that other patients insist on, because everyone's goals, priorities, and tolerance for risk are different.

Investing is like a car wash. You can probably do it yourself just fine, but paying someone feels better and, importantly, they'll clean the undercarriage, which is the most important spot since it's prone to rusting.

Investing is like running a marathon. As the saying goes, "it's a marathon, not a sprint." But most people don't have the endurance to run a marathon because they try to sprint.