Invest like a girl

When I did the first 'Women, Wisdom, Wealth' educational events at the start of this year, many women said to me that they had just 'never thought of themselves as investors before'. I blame this entirely on my industry; an industry designed by men for men. A recent FT article said that women find financial services untrustworthy, unwelcoming, patronising, male-dominated, complicated and full of jargon.

However, many studies have shown that one of the main detractors of long-term performance is overconfidence, a trait that men are more inclined to exhibit. Women tend to trade less, show more patience and therefore actually do better over the long-run.

Women, Wisdom, Wealth

The problem is though that we are so turned off by the industry that we tend to keep our money in cash. This is almost always to our detriment. Sitting on cash shows that there is no plan - no plan on how to combat inflation, no plan on how to be sure your money is there for you when you need it.

It feels scary though, right? You KNOW that your cash is eroding every year, but rather that than take a risk investing?

If that is what is holding you back, make 2017 the year that you come and see me. Either come to one of my events (more coming on that shortly) OR just email me and book a coffee/meeting/glass of wine....

Let me help you understand investing.

Let me explain to you why the stock market has never been capable of losing you money.

Let me explain to you why long-term financial success depends entirely on your own behaviour.

Let me explain to you why, if you want to feel calm and confident about your future, you need a plan, and that plan just has to involve investing.

Let me make this fun!