It's a choice

I was thinking today about choices. We always have a choice. When it comes to financial planning, that is more true than ever.

Very few people have the resources today to: * maintain all the cash reserves they would like * live the lifestyle they desire * save all the money for their children's education that they want to * support their parents when they need to AND STILL * invest as much as they'd like for a independent, stress-free retirement.

That is why everyone needs to sit down with someone they trust, someone who can help them and lead them to make responsible and informed choices using finite resources.

The funny thing is that this conversation is always put back because of the new car, or new house, or new sofa....No one actually needs any of these things today. But what everyone DOES need, at the earliest possible moment, is a financial plan - a coherent, written, financial plan.

It's a planning choice