Make your heart sing

Every day I challenge the people I meet to look at money in a different way.  Too often money is viewed as success in it's own right, and it becomes about a number and then just about more more more.  My clients have mostly accumulated significant assets, but what I find is that they are not really seeking more money.  They may initially think they are, but they come to realise they are actually dreaming about more freedom, more time, more love, more intimacy, more joy, more time with their family.  That's how I challenge you to think about money. look at moneyMoney is a tool to help us live the sort of life that makes our heart sing.  And whilst my job takes many different angles, at it's core it is about helping my clients to figure out the financial pieces that need to be put into place to help them live the life that will make their heart sing.

For most of us, the only way to accumulate assets and use our money as a tool is to save.  It's a basic and simple concept.  But when it comes to money, somehow even the simple things aren't easy.  We all need a little help.  That's why I love* this article by Morgan Hounsel titled 'Let me convince you to save money'.

He articulates that managing your money responsibly is about giving yourself time.

"The best reason to save is to gain control over your time. Everyone knows the tangible stuff money buys. The intangible stuff is harder to wrap your head around, but can be far more valuable and able to increase your happiness. Savings gives you options and flexibility, the ability to wait and the opportunity to pounce. It gives you time to think. Every bit of savings is like taking a point in the future that would have been owned by someone else and giving it back to yourself."

Remember that being responsible with your money, saving and investing it - those things are not motivating in themselves.  "I am so excited to update my budget for the year", said no one ever.  What is motivating is creating a vision for your life and realising that saving and investing is what will bring that vision to life.  And that vision is always about buying back your time - perhaps it's to travel, or to spend the summer painting in Tuscany, or going back to school, or just to lie in a hammock with a book.

This is where it starts.  This is where financial planning becomes motivating and inspiring and most of all fun.  Come along to 'Your Life, Your Money' - my women only event where you will start to understand the true meaning of money and how to manage it on your own terms to create the life you want to live.  The next event is on Wednesday 3rd May, 5.30pm at The Brasserie.  Click here for more details and how to register.

*I love the article, but don't love the title.  The word 'convince' bothers me.  I don't think anyone should ever be 'convinced' of anything when it comes to money.  The best you can do is be told the truth and make your own informed, educated decisions.