What I have been reading - 12th August 2019

Here are a few of the interesting things I came across this week:

The SPY kids are alright: This is such a bonkers story about how the SPDR ETF was set up. Lawyers will love this one.

8 Questions to ask someone other than 'What do you do?': We are all guilty of asking this question. I always cringe when I ask it and love this article from Harvard Business Review on what we can ask instead.

Is the yield-curve coming to kill you?: If you read the press you will have seen that the yield-curve has inverted and now everyone thinks it's the end of the world. Here is an 8 minute video where Josh Brown and Michael Batnick discuss what it means and why it might be different this time.

An emergency fund is a necessity not a luxury: This is a good article for anyone starting out in their career. "Do whatever it takes, but build your emergency fund. Tell yourself that you have no right to spend on any non-essentials until you have done this."



Scary Markets: In this 15 minute podcast Carl Richards does an amazing job of explaining why, when things get scary, the right thing to do is almost always nothing. If you are feeling uneasy please listen to this. If you still feel feel uneasy after listening, email me or call me. That is what I am here for.




Georgina Loxton