What I have been reading - 15th April 2019

Strategic Faith:  "An investor without a faith is doomed."  This author does an excellent job at explaining why faith is so important in investing.  And as he said, it's not just 'hooey psychologist talk'.

The Paper Clip Strategy:  I have started reading a lot of James Clear's posts.  This one took me back to studying for exams at school and university.  My A-Level Biology teacher showed me a system for counting your hours of study.  It involved making a grid on a huge poster.  Each day had eight boxes for eight hours of study.  Every time you completed an hour you got to colour in a box.  Visualising the work completed was incredibly powerful.  I think it's what got me into Oxford...

Getting rid of debt might actually make your brain work better:  Should I pay off my debt or invest?  It's a question a lot of people have.  Short-term, expensive debt should always be paid off first.  After that, there is normally a balance to be had.  I like to help people get their mortgage cleared quickly because I think, for most people, there is a great psychological benefit.  

You are not as good at kissing as you think.  But you are better at dancing: Overconfidence is very dangerous when it comes to your money and investing.  It tends to lead to over-trading which has a significant drag on returns.  I have talked about this a lot.  Studies show that men tend to be more overconfident than women.  This article takes an interesting and nuanced approach to the areas where we exhibit overconfidence and underconfidence, and the differences across gender.



How to make your child feel loved: 75 positive words for kids:  We have a long weekend coming up.  Parenting can be hard.  Parenting is hard!  Here's a nice reminder of what our kids need from us.