What I have been reading - 19th June 2019

Women did everything right. Then work got 'greedy':  This echoes what I see in Cayman.  According to this article, three-quarters of men in the top 1 percent of earners have an at-home spouse whilst just a quarter of women in the top 1 percent of earners do.  I would love to know the statistics in Cayman for this.  I suspect it's more extreme here.  This creates a huge bias in the workplace.  "Women don't step back from work because they have rich husbands.  They have rich husbands because they step back from work."

Stay in the game:  This article comes straight from the heart.  Going through this is every parents' worst nightmare.

Why everyone should lift weights:  Another non-money related article, but as a lifter I love this message.  I have often tried to put into words what CrossFit has done for me and how it contributes to every part of my life.  James Clear explains it far better than I could here.  "You are on this planet to do amazing things, and I honestly believe that lifting weights can help you do those things better."  

How to win any argument about the stock market:  The markets swing wildly.  You can make any point you wish about any asset if you pick your start and finish date accordingly.

Making sense of your money after a divorce:  Here is a great no-nonsense guide for women going through a divorce.  


Piece of crap car:  Thinking about buying a new car?  You will want to read this first.