What I have been reading - 1st April 2019

How to protect your retirement from your kids:  This is not an easy one.  "Almost three-quarters of respondents acknowledged putting their children's interest ahead of their own retirement needs."

Suze Orman: If you waste money on coffee it's like 'peeing $1m down the drain':  I am sharing this article, because frankly, it's really stupid.  Any article that illustrates a point whilst using a 12% rate of return is questionable.  If you are concerned that coffee is sabotaging your future, then you need to take a good hard look at the big things - the house you live in, the cars you drive and the trips you take.  Get the big stuff right, and the small stuff shouldn't matter.

What it's like to grow up with more money that you'll ever spend:  This is a fascinating interview with Abigail Disney, the grand-daughter of Roy O. Disney.  "It's fundamental to remember that you're just a member of the human race, like everybody else, and there's nothing about your money that make you better than anyone else. If you don't know that and you have money, it's the road to hell, no matter how much stuff you have around you."

Real Estate vs. The Stock Market:  I really like Ben Carlson's take on this issue.  It's one that I have written about several times before (here andhere) and is one of the most important financial planning issues.



Wall Street is masking the true cost of climate change for coastal homes:  Mmmm...I wonder what this means for insurance premiums in Cayman?