What I have been reading - 1st July 2019

How to get motivated when you don't feel like it: James Clear explains the difference between approaching life as a professional or an amateur.

Should you take the annuity or the lump sum?: People nearing retirement often have to decide between taking a series of guaranteed cash flows or a lump-sum. This article does an excellent job of walking you through the decision.

Why your luxury car is unlikely to materially boost your happiness: This is a good follow up to an article I shared two weeks ago about cars, which I know resonated with a few of you!

The upside of a recession: Recessions don't spell the end of the world. Read this article for a good economic history lesson.



Why we need to take pet loss seriously: We lost our beloved family dog last week. She was my first dog - I didn't grow up with dogs. I have been knocked sideways by the emotions and grief. I was so surprised by it that I started reading about pet loss and was struck by how common it is to suffer, mostly in silence. It feels embarrassing to be so upset about a pet, but it really shouldn't be. Saffi, like every dog, was part of our family. She went everywhere with us. This article from Scientific American helped me. If you have lost a loved pet, then I hope it helps you too.





Georgina Loxton