What I have been reading - 20th May 2019

The Akrasia Effect: Why we don't follow through on what we set out to do and what to do about it:  Are you a procrastinator?  Everyone has something in their life that they are putting off.  Here's James Clear's explanation of why we do it and how we can help ourselves.

Realistic Personal Finance Hacks:  This is a great short piece by Morgan Housel.  Much of the personal finance information we see in the mainstream media is useless and 'click-bait'.  There are a few things that you need to accept and understand before you start on the journey of building (or preserving) wealth.  Morgan does a good job of summarising some of them here.  As Carl Richards always says, simple not easy.

Men have no friends and women bear the burden:  This article was an eye-opener for me.  This is a societal imbalance that I hadn't thought about before.  I would be interested to hear what others think about this.

Young, Stupid and Overconfident:  This author certainly does not hold back on his feelings about today's youth: "I've never encountered such a wave of entitled "workers" that want to talk about feelings and philosophy and do anything but work."  He talks about the role we parents have had in their upbringing: "You don't turn out a generation of arrogant know-nothings like these kids without substantial effort on the part of their parents and their professors."  Yikes.  There are so many good lines in this article and some actual advice at the end that is worth reading.  

Money CAN buy happiness:  Yup, this is the conclusion I am coming to as I spend more time with it and around it.  It CAN, but you have to know how to use.   This article has seven ways in which you can use your money to buy happiness.  "We all know rich people who are miserable.  Maybe it's their misguided expectations about spending."



The New Rules of Middle Age, Written by Women:  Are you having a midlife reinvention, or need a midlife reinvention?  This article is for you.