What I have been reading - 25th February 2019

A selection of the interesting things I have read in the last week:

This is how you reinvent yourself if you lose your job at 45:  I am a great admirer of Sallie Krawcheck and her mission to close the gender investing gap (that is, women tend to invest less than men).

How to invest a lump-sum:  This author uses some amazing data to prove to you that, if you have a bunch of cash in the bank, "you should just invest your cash now and move on with your life, because you are very likely to lose more money (in missed growth) if you don't."  This is always my message, but I love to see it put like this!

If hedge-funds are lagging, why do they have so much money?:  Yes, quite, it's a good question, tackled in a Bloomberg Opinion piece.  My belief is that the vast majority of people do not need hedge funds in their life. 

Cut it out:  If you find yourself with little breathing room at the end of the month, this is a good article for you.

How many unique personal finance stories are there really?:  Short and sweet and spot-on.  I always say, it's not rocket-science folks!  It's simple, not easy.



How I've made email my secret weapon:  There is some amazing advice in this article that I really need to follow.



Georgie Loxton, CFA

Georgina Loxton