What I have been reading - 25th March 2019

Here are some of the interesting things I have come across this week:

PODCAST: Wanna Bet?:  I am a big fan of Annie Duke, and have shared some of her conversations in the past.  Annie is a professional poker player, author and consultant.  This episode is about how you make decisions and how to assess the quality of your decisions.  It's a great follow-on from the blog post I wrote last week.  I wish I had listened to this before I wrote, but it came out the day after I posted!  Annie is a joy to listen to.

Yes, it's all your fault: Active vs Passive mindsets:  If you feel like you need to take control of your life, this article from Farnam Street might give you the jolt you need.

Don't forget to do your merger:  If you are in business or interested in business you have to follow Bloomberg columnist Matt Levine.  It's not often you get to read about the markets and laugh.  His stuff is amazing.  This post titled 'Ooops' particularly tickled me and is a must-read for lawyers.  This 'Ooops' ended up costing $126m.

12 strategies for keeping lifestyle inflation in check:  Lifestyle inflation is pervasive in Cayman.  Look around, it's everywhere.  And it can be incredibly damaging to your financial health.  This is an excellent article.  #6 and #8 are my favourites.

Got to believe:  I love this money manifesto from Jonathan Clements.  A brilliant two minute read.



The hottest chat app for teens is....google docs:  Parents of teenagers might want to read this one.




Georgina Loxton