What I have been reading - 27th May 2019

Josh Brown: The power of compounding can help you double your money, again and again:  This video is the best thing I have ever seen on compounding, a concept so critical to understand yet so difficult for our brains.  Watch it, share it, learn from it.  If you are not yet investing in the markets, this might be the impetus you need to take the first step.  You know where I am.

Three kinds of 'forever':  This short post by Seth Godin isn't about investing, but the first two 'forevers' are very relevant for investors.

Private Equity for dummies - A case study:  Did you read my blog post a few weeks back on Private Equity?  If you found it interesting then you must dig a bit deeper and read this.

Losing more than a bet:  Nick Maggiulli is a wonderful writer, and this article is so heartfelt.  If you have gambled, do gamble or know a gambler, this will resonate with you.

How checking performance might hurt your performance:  It's been shown that less is more when it comes to investing, and that includes how often you log on and check your account.  This article explains why you should walk away and do something else next time you are tempted to take look.



PODCAST: Tim Ferris interviews Jim Collins:  Jim Collins is the author of Good To Great, and Built To Last.  He is a fascinating character.  Tim does a wonderful job delving into his mind.  Hear about how he tracks his days on a spreadsheet, his bug-book and the fly-wheel concept.