What I have been reading - 5th March 2019

A selection of the interesting things I have read in the last week:

The easiest retirement choice:  This is another amazing article from Nick Magguilli.  It encapsulates every conversation I have with clients about investing.  Risk now, or risk later?  As Nick writes "by taking less risk now (i.e. 100% bonds) you actually take more risk later (i.e. running out of money in retirement).  So the question is: Do you want to work your butt off to increase your savings rate, or would you rather take the easy-way out and take a little more short-term risk."

The reason many ultra-rich people aren't satisfied with their wealth:  It doesn't matter where you are on the wealth spectrum, you always want more.  "Really rich people are often motivated to acquire more money by the thrill that comes with multiplying one's fortune."  This is well worth a read.

Your friends' social media posts are making you spend more money, researchers say:  I am not sure we needed a whole research study to prove this fact.

Security is a myth - PODCAST:  If you know me, you know I love Carl Richards.  I came across this conversation during the week.  Honestly, I have never heard Carl mutter a word that didn't deeply resonate with me.  He shares his story in this podcast and it's so powerful.  You could listen to this conversation sitting in the car to and from work one day.  Drop me a line after and let me know how it changed you.



Florida is drowning.  Condos are still being built.  Can't humans see the writing on the wall?:  Could this article not just as easily be about Cayman?  Why is no one here talking about sea level rises?  This is happening in our life-time.  It's one of the reasons why I am always nervous when people have everything invested in Cayman property.




Georgina Loxton