What I have been reading - 8th April 2019

How to invest your annual bonus and still splurge on yourself:  This is a useful and practical article. "While a lump sum of money dumped into your checking account feels like a windfall, don't let your mind play tricks on you."

People with greater intellectual humility have superior general knowledge:  Sir John Templeton, one of the most famous and best investors of all time, once said 'the most important lesson in investing is humility'.  Understanding and knowing what you don't know is so important.  I like this article which has some research to back up the importance of humility in life.  "Learning requires the humility to realise one has something to learn." 

Fees vs Fines:  If you worry about market volatility then you must read this article.  "Volatility is almost always a fee, not a fine.  Returns are never free.  They demand you pay a price, like any other product.  And since market returns can be not just great, but sensational over time, the fee is high."

Busy is not the point:  A short and sweet reminder from Seth Godin.  Print this out and stick it on the fridge.

The Stock Market vs The Economy:  I often try to explain to people why worrying about the economy won't help their financial plan.  Josh Brown does a great job of explaining it here. 



Joyfully deconstructing my Fear of Death:  We tend to think a lot about living well, but not much about dying well.  It will come to us all.  Read this article.