What I have been reading - 8th July 2019

Here are some of the interesting things I read this week:

Hack your vacation: Heading off on your summer trip? Read this before leaving.

The paradox of ambition: This article had me thinking about a few things. I love the two questions: 1) Is this the most ambitious plan you could come up with, and 2) What would you propose if you had unlimited resources?

Why things break; easy causes of investing and business failure: Everything Morgan Housel writes is fantastic. This article is especially relevant for business owners and leaders. Getting big can be dangerous if you are not ready to adapt.

Civilians: Josh Brown is not one to skirt around an issue, and this article is no exception! It's a short and powerful reminder to anyone thinking about doing some stock trading over the summer break.



34 things you need to know about becoming successful: I skim read this article but enjoyed some of the lessons and reminders.




Georgina Loxton