Whatever you do, don't mention the....money.

What is it about money?  Why is it still such a taboo? We can talk openly about sex, politics, religion, any number of subjects, but when it comes to money it's just really....awkward.  Well parts of it are awkward anyway.  We might be happy telling our friends how much a new dress cost, or how much we spent on our last holiday.  But how many people know how much money you earn, or how much cash you have in the bank or in your investment account?

It's a funny thing.

A recent article published on Forbes titled 'It's time to start telling our friends how much money we make' writes:

Knowing what other people in your field get paid is vital to stop the gender wage gap. And negotiating is more likely to become second nature during the job offer process if we talk about our earnings with others.

The only way to normalize the topic and, consequently, become more financially savvy is to stop treating it as taboo.

In my "Your Life, Your Money" event* I talk about exactly this.  I have had 60 year old women tell me that in that hour or so they have talked about money more than they ever have in their entire life.  Isn't that amazing?  Something that is a core survival issue for each and every one of us is still something that we feel uncomfortable discussing.

money tabooThe Forbes article has some good advice for breaking through the taboo:

The next time you’re up for a raise or receive a job offer, instead of circumventing the number, the thing you’re talking about, why not just say it? This is how it would sound, “My boss approved the raise I asked for, and so now I’m holding steady at 80K. My goal is to be making six figures by the time I’m 35.”

Wouldn't that feel empowering?  Reaffirming your goals to your friends/colleagues is a great way to hold yourself accountable, and it might well give you that confidence to negotiate the pay rise.  Then who knows what is possible?

It's time to start telling our friends how much money we make.

*Want to learn and talk about money in a safe and fun environment?  Sign-up for my next "Your Life, Your Money" event on Wednesday 3rd May.