What I have been reading - 18th Feb.

A selection of the interesting things I have read in the last week:

Next-Gen Retirement:  This is an excellent article from the Harvard Business Review about how executives are approaching retirement today.  Flexibility is key in all aspects.  "Few of us will have complete control over when and how our careers end, so we should all get ready to improvise and adapt."

'Deciding How to Decide': Even the Rich need Advice on Budgeting:  Financial planning should always start with spending.  It doesn't really matter how much you have. 

Short Money Rules:  An amazing two minute read.

Teaching people to trade stocks is like starting them on heroin - Munger:  Charlie Munger, Warren Buffett's sidekick, is now 95 years-old.  Here he is warning young people about the dangers of active trading.

The Elimination of Risk:  You can never get rid of risk.  The key is to know what risk you are taking, and when.  Most people don't appreciate the long-term risk associated with bonds.



What designations should your financial advisor have?:  Some people argue that designations don't matter.  If you are handing over your hard-earned money to someone to manage for you, SURELY you want to know that they have the technical expertise to deliver on their promises?  A designation gives you that comfort.




Georgina Loxton