Talking about money.

When was the last time you talked about money?  Not arguing or fighting, but talking.  And when we say ‘money’, we don’t mean stocks or bonds or interest rates or the economy.  We mean feelings.  Because that’s what money is actually about. It’s about feelings and goals and dreams and fears. 

Why is talking about money so hard?  The amazing Carl Richards tackles this question in his writing in the NY Times, books and speaking.  He says that the problem is that we are never taught how to talk about money.  If we have been taught anything about money, we have been taught that it is about spreadsheets and calculators.  We think that money is a maths problem.  But it’s not of course.  “Money is much more an exchange of feelings than it is an exchange of currencies”, says Carl.

When talking about money, we have all run into that.  Carl says it’s like running into an electric fence that you didn’t know was electric.  Once you understand that money is not about maths, then you can accept that, whilst it is always going to be electric, at least you know it.

I have been working with Carl recently and I am so excited to share this video with you that he recorded especially for my clients and readers.  He has a unique way of explaining concepts around money, whether it is through his amazing drawings (of which I have shared many) or through his spoken words.

This video explains the starting point for every conversation about money.  It’s where I start with my clients, and it’s how Liberty Wealth works to bring a true sense of ease around money, because that’s what I believe wealth really is.

If this isn’t where you started, now is the time.  Now is the time to start talking about money.

For clients of Liberty Wealth, watch this space – there is something exciting on the horizon for you.

Georgina Loxton