Going Solo - NEW EVENT

As a single woman, managing your money on your own can feel daunting and overwhelming.  Let’s face it, when you find yourself suddenly independently wealthy, after years of depending upon your spouse, taking the driver’s seat can be scary.  Whilst the events themselves are traumatic and there are many emotions to deal with, for most women the biggest challenge is getting a handle on their financial affairs.  Money is inextricably linked to all parts of our lives and it impacts every decision you make. Understanding how much you have is one thing, but if you don’t understand how your wealth will provide for you, your family and enable you to maintain your lifestyle, it creates stress and anxiety.  No one likes feeling out of control.  Yet, many women find themselves feeling exactly that and they ask themselves, how did I get here?  I am smart and capable, but my financial statements leave me spinning.

Once you start moving through the transition, from ‘what was’ to ‘what will be’, there comes a point when you realise that this is your chance to rebuild your life.  You can decide what you want it to look like, how you want to live, what stamp you want to leave on the world.  Focusing on your purpose and values is essential to regaining your sense-of-self and well-being.

If you have gone through a transition, found yourself suddenly independently wealthy, and are ready to regain control, join me at my next event.  You will start the process of creating your life by your design, and learn specific tools that will help you understand how your money can support your desire to live a powerful life.

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