Retire or Refire?

I have long had a problem with the word 'Retire'.  It conjures up images of rocking chairs, walking sticks and grey hair.  No one feels motivated by that.   Today I heard the term 'Refire'.  Instead of thinking about 'retiring', let's think about 'refiring'. How would our motivation around our money change if we starting to think about being able to 'refire our lives'?  For women, so much of our life is spent taking care of others.  When we get to the point in our lives when it can suddenly become about us again, we are able to rediscover our passions and our purpose in life.

My amazing Mum just retired last week.  She has dedicated her entire life to her five children and her three foster children (whilst also working in a school and running a bed and breakfast).  Over the last few days she has been impossible to get hold of (I have tried calling her numerous times).  I spoke to my Dad today (who is also totally amazing) and he said 'I think I will see less of her now that she has retired' - she is busy going to art galleries, concerts, rekindling friendships.  Yes I thought, she is REFIRING.

And oh my goodness, she deserves it.