What I have been reading - 11th Feb.

A selection of the interesting things I have read in the last week:

Even God couldn’t beat dollar-cost averaging: There is a fair bit of data in this article, but stick with it, it's such a great conclusion.

Where big leaps happen: You will never regret a minute you spend reading anything by Morgan Housel.  "This kind of stuff doesn't happen often.  But it's a big deal when it does."

Investor amnesia: While there is no cure for childhood amnesia, there is one for the investor amnesia.

How our careers affect our children: An interesting article from Harvard Business Review.  

How the patient investor sees the world more clearly:  If you check your account balance every day, you need to read this article.



Why women are outperforming men at the extremes of endurance:  A woman who 'needed a bit of motivation' to get back to running after having a baby just beat the course record in a 268-mile race by 12 hours.  An amazing story.  The gap between women and men in endurance races is closing, with many records now being held by women.  Science is showing that women fatigue less quickly, and psychological factors such as better preparation and less ego help us too.  




Georgina Loxton